Head teacher is a neutral character in Advanced Education With Viktor Strobovski

Appeared in alpha 0.0.1

Patrols school and monitors violators. If she seen someone who break the rules she catches him and brings to "punishment room".

Appearance Edit

Young woman witout face. Wears small garniture, grey sweater, write shirt, dark-grey light shoes and dark-grey skirt.


Walks in school on random pisition. When see player who break the rules, she says phrase with echo and runs to player and grabs him, then goes to "punishment room" and sets player's time for which the player can not leave without blue door key.

Can set to player 4 warnings: 10, 20, 30 and 60 seconds. After 4th warning she talks to him "You do not have any warnings. And last punishment...", then talks loud phrase "Is boiling in the cauldron!", the goes to kitchen and trhows player to boiling red liquid in cauldron.

When alarm plays music she walks to alarm and tries to turns it off. And when alarm was turned she goes to random trash cand and puts alarm in it.


"No run, eat drink in corridor during the lesson"Edit

Player can't run, eat or drink in corridor during the lesson, only durin the break.

"No run, eat, drink in class"Edit

Player can't run, eat or drink in class during the lesson and break.

"Don't litter in rooms and corridors"Edit

Player can't drop items in rooms or corridors.

"No prohibited items in school"Edit

Player can;t hold prohibited items in hand (selected item)

"Don't enter in "staff" rooms"Edit

Player can't enter or be in "staff" or  some "keep locked" rooms.

"Don't make stupid noises"Edit

Player should not turns on or have alarm item.

"Don't [UNKNOWN]"Edit


"Don' avoid punishment"Edit

Player can't leave punishment room during the time. But palyer can open door if have blue door key.

"Don't hack someone else's locker"Edit

Player can't break lockers. If player have lockpick he can take some items from locker (click RMB on locker), but lockpick is prohibited item.